Flutter on Air

Flutter-Firebase Hackathon

Join the first Flutter-Firebase hackathon. For everyone.

May 21st - 22nd 2021, CEST

What is Flutter on Air?

Flutter on Air is an online, international 24-hour hackathon built for everyone.

👉 Join us and learn more about programming in Flutter and Firebase! Our goal is to connect Flutter devs, share Flutter & Firebase knowledge, and improve our skills.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for Android, iOS, web, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Check out more about Flutter.

Wonder, who is using Flutter? The most famous applications developed in Flutter are Google Pay, Ads, Stadia, Alibaba, or The New York Times.

Why participate?

  • You'll develop (your first) app in Flutter.

  • You'll learn how to use Firebase.

  • You'll meet the amazing Flutter community and speakers.

  • You can win super cool prizes.


(Mobile) Game

Have you ever wanted to develop a mobile game? Now it's the right time! Develop your own (mobile) game and use Flutter and Firebase.

Design your challenge!

Fancy joining us and don't want to develop a game? Feel free to code whatever you want! You just need to use Flutter and Firebase.


Friday - 21 May

4 pm CEST - Welcome keynote

4 - 7 pm CEST - Workshops and talks

Saturday - 22 May

9 am CEST - Morning Q&A

5 pm CEST - Submissions deadline

5 - 7 pm CEST - Evaluation

7 pm CEST - Winners announcement

Friday sessions

//coming soon!

Prizes and Jury

// coming soon!

Organized by

Matěj Krček

Flutter dev, Event manager



Dominik Šimoník

Firebase GDE, Flutter dev


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